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Coyle Hospitality Group provides hospitality consulting and arranges mystery shoppers for brands that truly care about the guest experience.

  • Hotels & Resorts

    Coyle’s hotel mystery shopping services are designed to objectively measure the crucial aspects of the guest experience that affect guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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  • Restaurants & Bars

    Coyle Hospitality Group will help you select a quality assurance program customized to your unique needs.

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  • Cruises

    Coyle understands that the cruise industry is unique and complex.

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  • Spas

    Through a professional evaluator’s eyes, learn what your guests and friends won’t tell you, and start to measure progress and achieve success.

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  • Marketing Research

    Quality Data, Relevant Samples, and Useful Insights from real consumers, not paid panelists taking yet another survey.

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  • Sales & Marketing

    With competition high and price of the utmost importance to prospective clients, the sales process has become increasingly important.

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Our Latest Research

Each day, Coyle’s research team actively gathers a range of articles--from market data to third-party research to brilliant idea pieces--to share with the industry, and especially, our clients. Below is what you need to read.