Paris: Dining in the City of Light

Why do Jean Georges, Daniel Boulud, and More Use Coyle?

Coyle is delighted to be the preferred mystery shopping and quality benchmarking provider for the Paris area. Coyle has helped Paris’s hospitality companies elevate guest experiences and meet industry quality standards for many years.

Coyle extensively screens its professional evaluators, accepting only those with a broad knowledge of the Paris area who frequently travel and dine out.  Coyle’s evaluators are your guests, out practically every night in the area’s best restaurants and hotels. As a result, Coyle’s hospitality clients benefit from objective, insightful, and thoughtful feedback that helps convey the complete story behind each guest experience.

Additional benefits:

  • Fully tailored programs, customized to your brand needs
  • Competitive Set Industry Benchmarking
  • 360-degree evaluations that capture every nuance of the guest experience
  • Unparalleled service and support, seven days a week
  • Reliable online reporting and intuitive proprietary software
  • Speedy program set-up and report turnaround

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Coyle Evaluator Spotlight

The standards for Coyle Hospitality Group’s network of professional evaluators are higher than any other company in the world. Out of the 40,000 inquiries Coyle receives from potential evaluators each year, only 2% get hand selected to join Coyle’s network. Coyle-referred evaluators are seasoned travelers who eat out regularly. They are highly educated, equipped with excellent writing skills, and they demonstrate a strong attention to detail. With over 6,000 professional evaluators in our robust network, we are able to match “real guests” to your brand. Further, Coyle’s network of evaluators is truly global: we pride ourselves on a reach that extends to all corners of the world—on referring evaluators who have their fingers on the ‘pulses’ of their communities. It is this understanding of local cultures coupled with a dedication to impassioned hospitality service that differentiates our global evaluator network from any other. Through our strength and diversity, a few things are held in common: a commitment to your brand, a sensitivity to local knowledge, and a diligent approach. This is what allows Coyle-referred evaluators to capture every nuance of the guest experience and provide unparalleled feedback for our clients.

The City of Love

Paris has forever been celebrated as a gourmet, fine-dining destination by people across the globe. Its original railway system made Paris a center of the Western world, and as people immigrated there it became a melting pot of gastronomical cultures. In fact, Paris’s world-renowned culinary reputation originates from its diverse citizens.

French restaurants have become requisite in every major city in the world, but none can rival those in the country’s capital. For many, Parisian restaurants are the main attraction to the city—and considering the thousands of other compelling reasons one visits Paris, the fare must be that good. Guy Savoy puts art on the menu with his innovative dishes—try the winter truffle menu—because he believes that “cuisine is the art of instantaneously turning produce suffused with history into happiness.” L’Ambroisie is situated in a 17th-century estate, offering beautifully-prepared dishes in a romantic setting, compliments of exceptional chef Bernard Pacaud. At Arpège, Alain Passard comes up with seasonal dishes made with freshly-farmed ingredients. Similarly, the food at The Gastronomic Restaurant—inside the luxurious Le Bristol hotel—flows with the rhythm of the seasons. Guests dine in a delicate atmosphere with beautiful garden views. Pierre Gagnaire is, naturally, all about divine pleasure—in its food, its ambiance, and its service.

Paris is also a major tourist destination, bringing in travelers—and lovers—from all over the world. Because of its deep history of and sincere dedication to tourism, Paris’s hotels are unlike any others. The Ritz Paris has been a passionate, elegant landmark and leader of luxury hotels for over a century. Hôtel de Crillon recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary as well. From the marble and moldings to the Louis XV-style décor, this hotel offers discrete lavishness in the heart of Paris. Four Seasons George V embodies Parisian chic with its Eiffel Tower views, provides an incredible oasis for pool and spa lovers, and prepares exceptional cuisine in its restaurants. Hôtel Plaza Athénée defines guest service on an entirely new level, ensuring that every traveler feels like royalty. Hotel le Meurice is an iconic vision with a style resonant of Louis XVI—a perfect place for a romantic getaway with its Italian marble bathtubs.

Paris’s extraordinary restaurants set an example for outstanding service that extends to its incredible hotels. It’s no wonder—given how Paris’s hospitality sector continues to enhance its service levels and offerings—that it is home to so many of our top mystery shopping clients.

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