Barcelona: Hospitality in The City of Counts

Why do Mandarin Oriental, Starwood, and More Use Coyle?

Coyle is delighted to be the preferred mystery shopping and quality industry benchmarking provider for the Barcelona area. Coyle has helped Barcelona’s leading hospitality companies elevate guest experiences and meet industry quality standards for many years.

Coyle extensively screens its professional evaluators, accepting only those with a broad knowledge of the Barcelona area who frequently travel and dine out. Coyle’s evaluators are your guests, out practically every night in the area’s best restaurants and hotels. As a result, Coyle’s hospitality clients benefit from objective, insightful, and thoughtful feedback that helps convey the complete story behind each guest experience.

Additional benefits:

  • Fully-tailored programs, customized to your brand needs
  • Competitive Set Industry Benchmarking
  • 360-degree evaluations that capture every nuance of the guest experience
  • Unparalleled service and support, seven days a week
  • Reliable online reporting and intuitive proprietary software
  • Speedy program set-up and report turnaround

Contact us today and make Coyle your mystery shopping provider in Barcelona.

Coyle Evaluator Spotlight

The standards for Coyle Hospitality Group’s network of professional evaluators are higher than any other company in the world. Out of the 40,000 inquiries Coyle receives from potential evaluators each year, only 2% get hand selected to join Coyle’s network. Coyle-referred evaluators are seasoned travelers who eat out regularly. They are highly educated, equipped with excellent writing skills, and they demonstrate a strong attention to detail. With over 6,000 professional evaluators in our robust network, we are able to match “real guests” to your brand. Further, Coyle’s network of evaluators is truly global: we pride ourselves on a reach that extends to all corners of the world—on referring evaluators who have their fingers on the ‘pulses’ of their communities. It is this understanding of local cultures coupled with a dedication to impassioned hospitality service that differentiates our global evaluator network from any other. Through our strength and diversity, a few things are held in common: a commitment to your brand, a sensitivity to local knowledge, and a diligent approach. This is what allows Coyle-referred evaluators to capture every nuance of the guest experience and provide unparalleled feedback for our clients.

Oh, Barna

The Mediterranean cuisine found in Barcelona is well-balanced and full of variety; it is healthy, yet uniquely delicious. Its tastes and ingredients originated from the Roman era, and the deep traditions are seen in dishes such as Faves a la Catalana, Mar i Muntanya, and Butifarra con mongetes.

Barcelona boasts an eclectic group of high-end restaurants–many of them Michelin-starred. Alkimia prides itself on contemporary creativity in its Catalan cuisine, making dishes based on a distinct and extensive knowledge of nature. Abac restaurant focuses on gastronomy, providing guests with beautiful garden views and luxurious interiors that create the perfect dining atmosphere. At Comerc 24, famed chef Carles Abellan serves delightful tapas in a cosmopolitan ambiance. Dos Cielos knows how to combine flavors, sensations, and textures to emit the perfect synergy of dining emotions and memories. Enoteca at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel Arts Barcelona offers sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine with an extensive wine list.

Light, exquisite, and rare, the dishes at Cal Pep make it stand out amongst other tapas restaurants. Vinya Roel specifically focuses on its exceptional wines, perfectly pairing them with the various meal options. It is almost impossible to choose between the elegant seafood options at Ca l’Isidre—but make sure someone in your group orders the grilled baby octopus. Stop at hot-spot Moo in the incredible Hotel Omm for a pre-dinner drink before sitting down for dinner and ordering some of Barcelona’s most personal, modern dishes courtesy of Chef Felip Llufriu. With its four different types of kitchens—Asian, Mediterranean, Italian and vegetarian—Cuines Santa-Caterina delivers on its reputation as the best fusion restaurant and tapas bar around. The essence of Els Pescadors is in its fresh, seasonal produce—each dish is created with raw ingredients based on what the earth has provided that day.

Barcelona’s extraordinary restaurants set an example for outstanding service that is supported by its inspiring history and extends to its incredible hotels. It’s no wonder—given how Barcelona’s hospitality sector continues to enhance its service levels and offerings—that it is home to so many of our top mystery shopping clients.

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