Sheri B.

San Diego Evaluator – Sheri B.

Born in Norway, Sheri moved to California at the age of seven and has been a San Diego-area resident for over 12 years. Sheri enjoys traveling and dining out every week and has spent her fair share of time in an array of hotels and restaurants around the world. Many of her trips are culinary-centric—Sheri frequently travels to attend a food event or dine at a restaurant that is offering a special menu. She once traveled leisurely to New York City just to attend the James Beard Foundation’s first official vegan dinner. Sheri is a news reporter who travels monthly for business—over 150,000 miles a year—and enjoys planning her meal schedule beforehand in order to hit the best local restaurants. From Columbia to Beijing, Sheri loves getting a closer look at dishes prepared by international chefs. As a professional reporter, Sheri’s story-telling skills are impeccable. She is innately objective, detail-oriented and incredibly perceptive.

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