Magical Orlando Makes for Fun Times and Fantasy

Starwood Hotels and Embassy Suites use Coyle Hospitality to stay ahead of the curve.

Come one, come all to Central Florida where fun is a way of life. There could hardly be another city that delivers fun any better than Orlando, where fun is also a way of doing good business.

At Coyle Hospitality we understand that the trip of a lifetime doesn’t come cheap for families these days. We also understand that these precious times with the kids — and even larger family groups involving multi-generational members — may have been carefully planned for absolutely ages, and that expectations run high, as they should. We are here to help Orlando’s hospitality industry partners meet and exceed those expectations, so your guests will be singing your praises to everyone they know. Actually, it’s more straightforward than it sounds — our clients begin with an honest evaluation by a highly experienced professional mystery shopper referred by us.

Additional Benefits

  • Referral of independent mystery shopper experts who know the family guest experience
  • Find out more about outperforming your competitive set
  • Get a 360-degree evaluation of your business by professional evaluators
  • We provide expertise and support seven days a week year round
  • Our proprietary software is flexible to be tailored to your needs
  • We provide fast turnaround to keep pace with the ever-changing industry

Orlando, a Must-Do Family Destination

Orlando-FloridaA mind-boggling 57 million visitors descended upon Orlando, Florida, confirming it as the world’s number one destination in 2012. And, that number has been steadily rising for the past three years according to the city’s tourism marketing agency, Visit Orlando, recession concerns aside. How do the numbers look for Orlando in 2013? Another tick upward, according to officials.

It takes a massive and finely-tuned hospitality infrastructure to support such a large and growing number of tourists arriving from all over the world. That’s where Coyle Hospitality steps in to ensure that you are seeing more than your fair market share. We know, just like the childhood chant goes, you need to make new friends and keep the old since one is silver and the other’s gold.

A hand-picked group of independent travel industry experts, many with decades of top caliber experience in hotel and restaurant management, are available for referral to your establishment as mystery shoppers. The feedback Coyle Hospitality clients receive from these experts allows them to tweak service and operations in just the right places, moving them up in position against their competitive set without major capital investment. Our client roster indicates that this is working for Starwood, Marriott International, Embassy Suites, Trump Hotel Collection, Viceroy Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Bon Appetit, Wolgang Puck International and many other highly regarded hospitality brands.

We know that behind such massive tourism numbers is the reality that a good 50% of the millions visiting Orlando every year come from elsewhere within Florida. Of course, state residents have obvious potential for repeat visits, bringing along friends and family as well. In addition, Orlando attractions just keep explanding, piling on more layers of magic and fun for each repeat visit. It’s a fantastic market segment to target and win over the first time, capitalizing on that chance to make a great, and lasting, first impression.

As Walt Disney himself called it, “The Florida Project” in Lake Buena Vista opened in 1971, and the magic took off from there. With 450 hotels and 5,300 restaurants in Greater Orlando, the tourism industry is the top employer in Central Florida. Inspired by the vision of Mr. Disney, Coyle Hospitality works every day to ensure that quality, as well as quantity, is the hallmark of the entire region.


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