New Home Sales

Salespeople are the driving force in selling new homes. How well they connect with buyers largely determines your success rate.

Reliable Data Provides Great Insights
Coyle Hospitality Group helps builders evaluate sales performance and determine your salesperson’s ability to get guest registration information and move buyers forward in the new home purchase process.

Services For Homebuilders

Mystery Shopping
The process begins with an understanding of your business. What’s important to your customers? What are their hot buttons? What differentiates your home from other builders?

Our evaluators will visit your location and rate the customer experience. They’ll provide objective feedback that can be reviewed efficiently and includes actionable coaching points.

Brand Compliance
Your brand represents the soul of your company. It’s how buyers perceive the value of your communities and the quality of your workmanship. Inconsistencies hurt sales.

We’ll verify that your salespeople are using effective talking points and maintaining your high standards.

Quality Assurance
New home sales is a structured process. Are your salespeople doing what they were trained to do? Are they demonstrating the features of the home and the benefits of the upgrades? Do they handle objections effectively?

We’ll evaluate whether your salespeople are capitalizing on every opportunity to delight your customers and move the process forward.

Market Research
Whether it’s a quick survey to gauge opinions of your model home or a detailed assessment of how you measure up against the competition, we’ll gather the data you need. Our straightforward analysis of the facts will illuminate the path forward.

Eliminate the guesswork. With the right market research you get actionable insights and can make decisions with confidence.

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