Appreciating Kansas City Slow Food Style

Embassy Suites and Starwood Hotels know that Coyle will keep them on top of their game in the customer stakes.

Find out what your customers are thinking, and make certain it’s all glowing before they say it in a social media setting. Coyle is on top of a rapidly changing world, where user generated content gets more attention than ever before. Our client roster, which includes Starwood Hotels, Embassy Suites, Marriott International, and other fine brands recognize that professional evaluators deployed as mystery shoppers can make a world of difference in giving your brand the edge and keeping it that way through superior staff and service. Let’s see how we can keep the best of Kansas City on a nice, slow burn at the forefront of dining and lodging.

Additional Benefits

  • Midwest-based professional mystery shoppers are waiting to be referred
  • Benchmarking against your competitive set works
  • We go behind the scenes to understand what your guests experience
  • Independent evaluators love what we do and we’re at it seven days a week
  • Flexible software fits the needs of busy kitchens
  • We get you results with fast turnaround

Contact us today and let Coyle design and implement your mystery shopping program in Kansas City/Leawood.

Kansas City Has the Secret Sauce

Kansas-CityWhen you think of Kansas City, what two things come first to mind? Probably all the gorgeous sculpted fountains sprinkled around the city and the great barbecues KC is famous for. Well, we understand if maybe they don’t spring to mind exactly in that order! The city’s fountains are lovely, but back to the food…

Legend has it that in the early 1900s, irrestible smoky aromas wafted out from the rear of Henry Perry’s old trolley barn, where he was busy slow cooking ribs over a wood burning pit. The delicious ribs were wrapped up in newspaper and sold for a quarter (that price sounds steep to us!) and before long, the word was out. Crowds gathered for Kansas City barbecue.

These days, locals and residents keep the debate going about who’s got the best secret sauce and the best side dishes at the best barbecue among the 100-plus restaurants serving it up throughout the city. Newcomers should note that KC-style BBQ is not limited to ribs anymore. Chicken, turkey, pork, beef, lamb and fish are all found smoking on the wood pits and on lots of menus.

Aside from this best-loved local specialty, consider award-winning cuisine from Kansas City’s own native Chef Colby Garrelts, tapped (after six times as a finalist) by the 2013 James Beard Foundation as best in the Midwest. Garrelts and his pastry chef wife, Megan, operate Bluestem in Westport and Rye in Leawood. Is fried chicken on the menu? Most definitely. No stranger to the James Beard awards, Kansas City has brought home trophies in the hands of Debbie Gold, Michael Smith and Celina Tio while each of them worked at the American Restaurant.

Since that all sounds so good, folks want to stay awhile, and they expect a lodging scene as good as the dining scene. That’s why Coyle Hospitality deploys mystery shoppers who are based in Kansas City and throughout the Midwest. These experts know the local tastes and ways, so our hotel and restaurant clients get feedback that’s spot on to keep their establishments in the spotlight year after year. At the recently renovated family-owned Raphael Hotel, a historic landmark property on Country Club Plaza, bookings are taken a year in advance for rooms overlooking the Christmas tree lighting on Thanksgiving night.

Coyle clients such as Embassy Suites and Starwood are among the top brands on Kansas City’s accommodation landscape, making for a comfortable business trip as well as a great place to take the whole family for a city break.


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