Restaurant Best Practices for Curbside Pick-Up in a COVID-19 Climate

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Practice social distancing. Self-isolate. With restaurants temporarily shuttering and people not dining at locations that are still open, it’s more important than ever to assure diners that your establishment is clean, hygienic and sensitive to the tumultuous state of the world and...

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Why Service Standards Matter & A Time-Test Best Practice for Restaurateurs

In a 2018 study published by Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, the guest-server exchange (GSX) model was replicated to include guest revisit intention as an intermediary between food and service sales and guest satisfaction (Susskind, Kacmar, & Borchgrevink, 2018). The GSX model focuses on the relationship between frontline employees’ performance, guest...

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How Boutique, Lifestyle and Soft-Brand Hotels Deliver Exactly What the Customer Wants

The saying “the customer is always right” has been around for more than 100 years, originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of London-based Selfridge’s department store (there’s also an entertaining television show, Mr. Selfridge, that chronicles the founding of the store, starring Jeremy Piven, in case anyone’s...

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How Technology Enables Personalized Customer Engagement

Historically, good customer service was delivered in person, over the phone or via reliable correspondence such as printed letter or email. Customers were satisfied with these expectations and believed they could interact with product or service providers easily in order to have questions answered or resolve issues. Today, these...

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