It is all about that Player Experience!

Every time a Gaming enterprise and Player interact, the customer learns something that either strengthens or weakens the existing relationship, the desire to return and the recommendation of your Casino to others.

Casino Mystery ShoppingA robust Mystery Shop identifies each of these “moments of truth” and ensures   that the enterprise and its people, products, processes and culture are aligned across “touch points” to best serve your Players. These shops assist management to ensure the desired service experience is being delivered consistently per your internal protocols. At minimum, we evaluate your Player’s Club, Security, cage, slots, table games, and beverage service, in addition to more universal service traits, such as greeting, friendliness, “product” knowledge, cleanliness and cash integrity (as identified).  Mystery Shops can also assess your other businesses (as applicable), such as restaurants, lodgings, entertainment and recreation.

Why Coyle Hospitality?

Plain and simple, we understand your business.  We have served the best operators across the globe for over 20 years.  Out methodologies are tried and true.   We are committed to improving every aspect of your Gaming operation, helping to create that memorable experience for your Players.

It’s your business that matters, and this is what we provide:

  • Referral of professional evaluators who match your demographic and Player profiles;
  • Narrative reports from those evaluators which cover every nuance with precision.  You benefit with objective and actionable feedback; and
  • Competitive pricing to maximize your R.O.I.

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