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Virgin America’s Guide to Not Screwing Up Customer Service

What do you get when you combine ego, money, sexy women, and promotional ability?  That’s correct; the newest television reality show entitled, “Fly Girls,” the latest addition to the Branson collection.  Richard Branson’s airline, Virgin America, is yet another example of unique hiring practices and unsurpassed customer service, according...

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New luxury hotel in Chicago has no-tipping-necessary policy; rival says it’s worth watching

This USA Today’s Hotel Check-in discusses the no-tipping policy at the Elysian Hotel in Chicago by the hotel developer, David Pisor.  Pisor discusses how the policy improves the guest experience. Pisor mentions that by offering a no-tipping policy, he eliminates pressure and hassle for guests.  As Jessica discussed about...

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Small touches on restaurant leftovers make lasting impression

This short article from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette mentions methods on how restaurants could offer a positive final impression..  The article points out restaurants, such as the L’Espalier in Boston and French Laundry in Yountville California, which offer parting gifts like cookies and chocolate. The article also suggests that restaurants...

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