Trend Watch: Mindful and Healthy Living While Traveling on the Road

‘Tis the season of New Year’s resolutions.  And like many others, my resolution involves getting in shape.  At home, I tough it out at the gym and try to keep to a strict diet.  But what happens when I hit the road for a business trip? Many business and leisure travelers are exhibiting a strong desire to continue their workouts and daily wellness routines while traveling. If this is the case, how are hotels responding?

  • Trump Hotels reintroduced its Trump Wellness program in 2013.  Forget your workout gear at home? The TravelFit apparel lending program is available to guests of all sizes as well as a healthy “Nourish” menu.hotel and resort wellness
  • In 2013, Kimpton began providing yoga mats and on-demand yoga classes in its hotel rooms. Kimpton’s The Hotel Wilshire offers a co-branded aqua yoga program with Lululemon.
  • At New York’s Ink 48, guests can hire a personal trainer to wake them up for a customized workout.
  • Minibars have been under scrutiny lately and some brands have been doing away with them all together. Others, like Ace Hotels, have stocked their minibars with local products. The Fairmont Pittsburgh offers complimentary glass bottles for guests to fill with filtered water from dispensers located on each floor.
  • Omni Hotels takes guest profiles to the next level with their Get Fit Kit program.  Guests’ fitness preferences are collected and personalized recommendations are made upon check in.

It is likely that entire brand strategies centered around “healthy hotels” and “wellness vacations” will become mainstream.  No longer considered “amenities,” fitness rooms, gyms, and spas will become a driving force in the hotel selection process.  On the food and beverage front, from mom-and-pop restaurants to global chains, vegan, gluten-free, and macrobiotic options are becoming the norm.

Have you seen other example of hotels and restaurants making an effort to keep you healthy?

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