Do Spa Guests Welcome Post-Visit Follow-Up? An Inside Look

In the Global Spa Survey, Coyle asked respondents if they would be comfortable receiving follow-up from a spa post-visit and an astounding 88% responded that they would.  Of those who would be comfortable receiving follow up, we asked how they would prefer to be contacted.

As demonstrated in the table above, 83% indicated that an email from a spa manager or concierge to check on satisfaction would be welcome.  65% indicated that an email with special offers would also be acceptable.  41% also stated that an email from the therapist or service provider would be a preferable way to follow up.  While the method that appears to be most prominent in spas is a telephone follow-up, today’s spa consumer seems to prefer the unobtrusive email over a phone call.  This indicates that they want to have an easy means to respond on their own time if they see fit.

As a spa professional, instead of guessing or worrying about who you will offend by following up, why not provide an addendum to the medical questionnaire you already have the client filling out and asking how they prefer to be contacted post-treatment.  This way, we once again please the consumer by identifying their needs and customizing service to them.

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