Want to Produce Better Hospitality Leaders? Hire Teachers

Elizabeth Green’s NY Times article, “Building a Better Teacher,” demonstrates that the qualities that make up a good teacher are the same ones that identify great professionals in business.  In hospitality as an example, management educates staff members to become engaged and create memorable guest experiences that should ultimately lead to increased revenue generation and profitability.

This Hotel Online article contends that we know what our industry leaders need to do, but unfortunately they are not always well trained, and promoting for the stake of longevity, is not necessarily the correct answer.  Staff motivation, training techniques, and adaptability are the key indicators for effective teaching. Basic individual characteristics for successful teachers and hospitality management professionals parallel each other and include: passion, organizational skills, ability to adjust to change, setting standards, employee assessment, intuitiveness, and financial expertise.

It is completely understandable that if we trust teachers to inspire and educate, then logically speaking, the manner of doing so sets an example for better results in other industries. A leader must be able to communicate his or her vision in terms that cause employee engagement and spark creativity.  Isn’t that what teaching is all about?

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