Lone Wolf Leaders Just Don’t Get It

In recent ‘Staff’ articles we have discussed that dedicated employees give their companies a boost in profitability and productivity, which is all the more reason to keep employees engaged and connected with the business as a whole.  In the ‘Lone Wolf Leaders Just Don’t Get it.’ article found on 4hoteliers, business leaders were questioned about differences between one company and the next, a variety of answers was given that reflected service, excellence, and price, to name just a few characteristics.  Why is it that the answer did not consistently revolve around the employees?

This article states that “If you make your employees your number one priority- they will make sure your customers are your number one priority.”

It makes good sense that staff members become the ‘differentiator’ between businesses..  As noted previously on GuestIQ, Zappos, by example, has a unique hiring system that promotes positive customer service and employee engagement.  Although core strategies are important to overall company successes, they do not replace the human element itself.  People want to work for firms that consider the cultural environment and hire a diversified workforce.  We all need to understand leadership ethics and beliefs; which aids us in the journey of striving to be the best we can be.  The author contends that passion and success flourish together.  For employees to be happy and hard working, owners and managers must take the trouble to learn about human nature and personalize the process.  Creating a more pleasant work environment, and considering the individual needs and interests of the staff is not just good business sense, but foremost for employee retention overall.

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