Joie de Vivre and the Art of the Hotel

It has been said that people look like their dogs,  homes reflect the personality of the owner, and in the case of Joie de Vivre Hotels, this article explains how properties are driven by employee decision making and superb guest satisfaction.  Joie de Vivre prides itself on “identity refreshment” where the personalities of the hotels match those of the guest occupants.  With the match, guests feel good during the stay and have a loyal connection, and employees strive for excellence.

Staff members are encouraged through the “Dreammaker” program to continually surprise and delight guests with exceptional and memorable service.  Although not a new concept, and one similarly used by Mandarin Oriental to capture the Asian influence, this program salutes the employee for making dreams come true.  At Joie de Vive, employee efforts, and accomplishments are recognized in a significant way that motivates staff members to increase their achievement levels.  By being empowered to make proactive decisions, employees at Joie de Vivre properties are enhancing the guest experience and are given the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.  The “Magical Moments Failure Award” honors staff members for creative thinking in a celebratory work environment.  It is all about following your dreams, being appreciated, and rewarding actions that positively influence the guest experience.

Mr. Conley, owner of the independent hotel group stated, “My metric for success would not be how much money I made, but how much joy I created for myself, my employees, and my customers.”  It is no wonder that Joie de Vivre was honored once again in 2009 as one of the ten “Best Places to Work in the Bay Area.”

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