How Employee Training Tools directly Impact Guest Repeat Bookings

Training tools have evolved to link staff members as vital organizational components and thereby provide personalized service and understanding of excellence.  This Hospitality Technology article discusses the importance of these tools in achieving guest satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.  According to the author, several modules are needed towards this end and include: branding elements, feedback, staff engagement, knowledge training, success strategies, a positive work environment, and an organizational training commitment for excellence, retention, and cultural definition.

When the individuality of staff members shines through along with the specific physical property attributes, standards should be met and operations should be improved with personalized interactions that reflect hotel branding.  Training becomes effective when feedback is solicited and areas for improvement are identified.  Once this is achieved, and the learning process has been defined, staff members can work towards being part of the solution and hotel culture, with the ultimate goal of keeping rooms filled and guest satisfaction at a high level.

Several hotels and groups such as Millennium and Destination are mentioned as using various training programs to improve the work environment and guest loyalty.  The strategy involves utilizing feedback and measurable training tools for improved success.  The result, according to Greg Miller, VP & managing director for Destination Hotels & Resorts is, “a high intent to return and recommend among our guests, which lowers the cost of customer acquisition.”

The work environment continues to play a major role in staff retention.  Happy employees take pride in their work, which translates to greater longevity and guest loyalty.  A well utilized staff training program includes survey results and has those results repeatedly applied for better training and guest service.  When service excellence is in place, repeat business is easier to achieve.  The need to just rely on low room rates for maximum occupancy is lessened.  Effective staff training tools enforces the principle that happy guests will return and recommend the property to others.  The final result shows that well trained staff members will make the difference in the end, and the service provided will set the property apart and earn repeat and future business.

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