Fundamentals for Retaining Quality Staff

Hiring valuable hospitality staff and training them to meet the demands of the guest is agreeably a vital part of best practices in any economy. According to research by Cornell University faculty, the turnover cost for a line level position could be estimated at $6000. Are there ways to attract quality staff members and retain their services for years to come?

Isadore Sharp, of the Four Seasons hotel group believes, “A company culture cannot be imposed or mandated. It must grow from within over a long period.”

This article, found on 4hoteliers, describes (13) principles for retaining quality staff. It is believed that the manner in which employees are treated will ultimately affect how they interact with guests. The main contention is that employees that are valued as individuals and whose personal talents are respected are much more gratified to stay with the company.

In furtherance of information provided by my colleagues Jen and Kevin in their articles, “Leadership Lessons for Hard Times” and “Innovative Employee Program that Promotes Company’s Core Culture” respectively, this author suggests that companies should define their culture so that the appropriate staff can be hired the first time with clearly defined expectations and outcomes identified. Furthermore, the fit between environment and individual should create a strong work ethic, which thus links raises and bonuses to job performance. The compensation package is noted as only one aspect of overall individual fulfillment.

Recognition continues to be one of the highest needs for satisfied employees. These individuals will create job longevity and have a much greater level of productivity when praise is received, personal events are acknowledged, and feedback is provided.

Accordingly, the most contented employees know exactly what is expected of them and what the expected outcome of a particular project or job description should be. In other words, they understand the big picture. In turn, employers and managers are able to identify individual strengths and use these for optimum performance. Together the employee and employer relationships can foster company loyalty through company functions and team projects.

A desire to learn and grow is innate to all of us. When staff are encouraged to expand personal and professional knowledge, jobs are appreciated more. Companies that offer seminars, membership in business related organizations, and conferences, feed personal growth and expand employable talents. Acknowledging the intelligence and value of the staff member gives credit for good ideas, and thus they become part of the solution and not the problem. Additionally, having the right resources and equipment allows them to do the best job with the latest tools available.

In Arthurs piece this week, Danny Meyer discussed the importance of investing in the staff. That principle tied to the work environment, the friendships with other employees and managers, and the continued personal development opportunities are the prime reasons staff remain with a company. Ultimately, when these needs are met, staff members tend to be fulfilled, productivity and profits increase, and the guest receives a higher level of guest satisfaction. The process progresses full circle.

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