Employer Branding and Employee Branding

The first article found on authenticorganizations.com, is a back to basics comparison of the two.  EmployEE branding is inward; it’s about influencing and motivating employees according to the company’s culture.  EmployER branding is outward and actually has to come before the EmployEE, as this is where the company crafts a sense of the organization and decides what are the right kind of employees they need to hire.

The second article, found on www.employerbrandingonline.com, represents a general look into what employment branding means in the 21st century.  Specifically, with the advent of the internet, staff recruitment or training will look very different coming out of the recession than it did going in.  The article explains that the communications strategy in the digital age is about positive interactions that create a very personalized experience.  The eight C’s are important factors for companies to consider when innovating their recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining practices.

Read the Authentic Organizations article here.

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