Employee Branding That Rocks

This article illustrates how a company uses ‘employee branding’ to take human resource management to the 21st century.  This goal of this concept is to have employees internalize the brand image and become motivated to project that image to guests.  The front line employees of our generation have evolved, and likewise companies need to innovate their systems to keep up with the times.  The author explains that employee branding starts at the recruiting; however, it’s not the typical channels of Craigslist or Hcareers.  Given the unique brand position of the company, some employees come from music stores, coffee houses, tattoo and piercing shops, local concerts, theme parks, improve acting schools, and Facebook.  After the hiring process, employees are inspired to embrace the brand, and companies need to use the language in which their people dream in.  For example, every Hard Rock property has a ‘brand book’, where only two very hip and specific fonts are used; comics about the guest experience replace boring training manuals; and the brand’s visual identity is manifested through custom blended colors, real photography, and organic videos.  Thus, by using the same brand guidelines to recruit, train, maintain, and inspire employees as they would to create a guest experience, companies can create a culture of service that truly rocks.

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