Align Employees with the Corporate Strategy

Companies are making strategic adjustments to the changing economy so they are ultimately stronger in the future.  This BusinessWeek article suggests that aligning employees with newly established core concepts will add to greater successes for the organization, as well as detail daily activities and action plans for continual improvements.

In order for a company to emerge from strength, the primary interests of the top employees should be known to all in the workplace.  The goal is to merge employee passion with achieving success and positive impact on the company.  The right employee focus and solid communication between management and staff, results in confidence, efficiency, and higher productivity.  In these instances, customer satisfaction rises, innovation increases, and staff understanding becomes a “critical driver.”

Individuals in an organization develop a stake in the company’s performance when goals are aligned. Employees in various positions are measured by something they understand and control, and that same measure is clearly linked to the goals of their manager’s and the organization as a whole.

The message seems clear, “Progressive companies that successfully align employees to their corporate strategy are realizing the competitive advantages originally targeted in organizational transition.”

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