The Restaurant Diner’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


You made your reservation for the special day, now get the skinny on the top 5 things to keep in mind when you dine out this Valentine’s Day:

1. Be Punctual. Restaurants are very busy tonight. Arrive on-time for your reservation lest you get passed over for a walk-in procrastinator.

2. Be prepared to order from a prix fixe menu. Don’t expect your favorite restaurant to offer your beloved dishes on Valentine’s Day. Often restaurants choose to highlight a few classics within a limited menu.

3. Beware of amateurs. Much like New Year’s Eve, your dining compatriots may be restaurant newbies that occupy a great deal of your server’s time.

4. Be REALLY nice to the staff. Odds are the staff would rather be home with their significant others, so be kind and tip generously.

5. Best advice: Pass on the pork belly appetizer and chocolate cake dessert. Keep your meal light so you don’t end up in a food coma after dinner. Your sweetie will thank you.

  • Arthur Chang

    Other than #2, I think Jeff’s points are also applicable for any day of the year. More punctual, courteous, nice, and healthy diners will enhance the dining experience for society as a whole. Let’s celebrate V-Day every day!

  • GC

    Point #2—Understood; however, the best restaurants should have the capacity to cater to multiple diets. Of all the nights for restaurants to impress and to provide memorable service, this is one of them.

  • TF

    Great comments and make sure to take care of the restaurant staff as they cater to you on the special day!

  • coylehospitality

    Why go out on Valentine’s Day at all, and go on a different night, stretching out the holiday and adding something special to a different night. When she is the only one in the restaurant being celebrated, it adds a special touch.

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