How Do We Stack Up to Competitors?

At the end of the quarter, one of our upscale restaurant clients asked how they were doing in comparison to their competitive set.  As part of its hospitality consulting services, Coyle provides restaurant reports that show up-to-date compliance with CompSet standards at comparative locations.  In addition to showing clients the overall section fulfillment comparisons with the CompSet, such as table service and kitchen performance, the report also lists all of the restaurant’s low complying standards, as well as the CompSet compliance to use as a benchmark.

However, at the end of the quarter, after several rounds of restaurant secret shopper evaluations are completed, a client could get a fuller picture of their performance.  So we decided to provide a more focused report in order to fully answer this question.  We targeted the most common standards for upscale restaurants, listed the establishment’s strongest standards (when compared with the CompSet) and highlighted the areas of opportunity.  This gave the client a fuller picture of where to focus on improvement, be it on reception, table service or management.

Back to the original question.  A 90% score is good news if restaurants just like your are say at 80%.  However, if your competitors are getting 100% scores, you will have work to do, but the news remains good because now you know exactly where to concentrate!

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