Social Distancing Ambassadors

Coyle provides Social Distancing Ambassadors or SDAs to businesses and government. From big box retailers to small businesses, the professional and certified SDAs provide your customers with confidence.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is now a household term. Months ago, we didn’t even know what social distancing was. Soon, there will be other terms. Social density. Customer

density. Customer distancing. The “Six Foot Rule.” In today’s uncertain world, one thing feels pretty certain: our day-to-day lives are forever changed.

Allow us to help you monitor the customer density of your stores and ensure that the rules of this new world in which we’re living obeyed. How you safeguard your customers and staff is now part of the overall customer experience, arguably more important than receiving a fond farewell or proper change in this post-Covid environment.

Coyle anticipates the following:

  • Touchless point of sale
  • Plexiglass barriers at checkout
  • Lines outside of stores; one person allowed in for every person that comes out
  • Six foot markers in checkout lines
  • Stores and restaurants offering masks and gloves to those that don’t have them
  • Installation of automatic doors – entrance, exits, restrooms, fitting rooms, etc.
  • One-use menus at restaurants
  • Etc.

What We Offer

  • On-site social distancing ambassadors to monitor the customer density ofyour locations, ensuring guests are abiding by the “six foot rule”
  • Review of video footage to confirm compliance of customer density and social distancing rules
  • The ability to be nimble enough to ebb and flow with the changing times

Benefits to Operators

  • Show customers you care about their well being
  • Engender staff loyalty by ensuring their wellness and safety
  • Third party validation proving to customers that your location is safe. Can your competitors say the same?
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