Brand Standards + Compliance

Coyle becomes your eyes and ears with measurement tools to achieve and manage brand compliance.

Brand compliance empowers your team to deliver an exceptional and consistent customer experience.  This consistency drives predictability and heightens your customer’s expectation of an impeccable experience. Brand awareness and brand loyalty are expanded.  Customers more confidently use and refer your products, services or experiences.


Coyle makes the process of developing and refining standards simple. We begin by aligning with your current initiatives, mission, vision and values, fitting standards seamlessly into your culture. Coyle provides you with a measurement program you can actually use to benchmark, coach, and immediately identify areas of brand weakness and strength. The result? Your brand standards… measured your way.

Whether you have one location or 500, Coyle has measurement resources in every region of the world to provide relevant brand compliance solutions, customized  to your needs.  Coyle serves more than 500 clients in more than 90 countries and has been providing brand compliance and quality assurance programs for more than 20 years. Our clients share a commitment to first measure their brand, and then take action. Coyle is the measurement partner these customer-centric frontrunners trust to make them better, stronger, and catapult them as leaders in the industry.

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