Meredith M.

Boston Evaluator – Meredith M.

Meredith has been a Boston resident for over 10 years, but she grew up traveling the world with her family and continues to do so in her adult-life. As you can imagine, Meredith has spent her fair share of nights in hotels and restaurants across the globe and has worked in restaurants as well. One of Meredith’s favorite restaurants is Craigie on Main due to its award-winning staff, local quality meats, warm service, and exquisite ambiance. Meredith loves the sensation of walking into a restaurant and absorbing the sights and sounds and truly feels that the dining experience is one to cherish. As an art history scholar, she offers a discerning eye and unique perspective on the difference a quality architectural design, an invigorating décor and other fine details can make on the dining experience.

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