Mehrunnisa I.

Singapore Evaluator – Mehrunnisa I.

Mehrun has lived in Singapore for her entire life–over 37 years. She describes herself as having been ‘bitten by the travel bug’ at a very young age because her father worked in the airline industry. She began traveling at age two, and has since done so extensively, becoming well-accustomed to high-end hotels and upscale restaurants across the globe. Over the years, Mehrun has acquired a discerning eye for high-quality service and a unique, worldly perspective. With a degree in microbiology, she has a keen eye for detail and impressive attentiveness that many would envy. Combined with her passion for hospitality, Mehrun is well-rounded, objective, and experienced. Her favorite restaurant is The Knolls at the Capella Hotel, due to its warm and welcoming staff, beautiful ocean views, and private atmosphere.

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