Lisa B.

Los Angeles Evaluator – Lisa B.

Born and raised around New England, Lisa moved to Los Angeles after college where she and her husband met and started a custom art business.  That business took them all over–from Florida to Scotland–spending many evenings in restaurants and hotels across the globe.  Lisa decided to move back to LA 10 years ago, but she still travels often for business and pleasure.  Lisa got her first taste for hospitality when she worked as a waitress at a family restaurant in New Hampshire.  She then pursued service in fine-dining establishments for years until settling in LA and becoming a property manager.  Lisa is adventurous and always willing to try something new.  She studied original art in college, fostering her creative brain and fine-tuning her attention to detail.  Lisa views her restaurant experiences from both a guest’s and employee’s perspective, always incredibly observant and engaging.  Her favorite LA restaurant is Houston’s due to its casual elegance, consistently high-quality dishes, and excellent service.

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