Julie B.

Houston Evaluator – Julie B.

Julie has been a Houston-area resident for over 6 years and a true road-warrior all her life.  She spent most of her life in Southern California, but has also lived in Colorado, Indiana, and Genoa, Italy.  She has traveled to all 50 states and ventured across Europe, Asia, Australia, Central America, and Canada.  She continues to travel leisurely, both domestically and overseas, at least once a month, but she settled in Houston for her career.  Julie has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, working for luxury hotel companies in the front desk, concierge, sales and marketing, public relations and payroll/accounting departments.  She specifically worked on a project to install a program that recognizes guests on more personal levels, training hotel departments on numerous properties about the program.  Clearly, Julie knows the true definition and the full implications of outstanding hospitality service–she learned it so well over time that she was responsible for teaching it to others.  Julie brings a worldly perspective to the table, celebrating the unique cultures she has come across in her travels and recalling her best dining experiences whenever she goes out to eat.  She currently works as an engine program manager for an airline company, exercising her analytical brain and fine-tuning her attention to detail.

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