Honolulu Can Dole Out Royal Hospitality

Honolulu is the exotic, tropical paradise trip of a lifetime for many Americans — and no passport is needed.

Many Americans are surprised when taking a look at the map or the flight schedule to discover that Hawaii is not just a hop, skip, and a jump from California. It’s 2,500 miles, or roughly the same distance as a transcontinental crossing. That’s why it is so important that professional, highly qualified mystery shopper evaluators are available right in Hawaii via Coyle Hospitality’s network. Experts can be referred to get started without further delay or cost, and there’s no need for you to worry about time zones, either. Our referrals are local, our advice is insightful, our turnaround is quick.

We realize that many of your customers have made a big investment in both time and money to travel to Hawaii. It’s our job to help our clients in delivering to, and above, the expectations of those travelers.

Additional Benefits

  • Fully tailored programs, customized to your brand needs
  • Benchmark and surpass your competitive set
  • Experience your guests’ experience through their eyes and ears
  • Local independent experts mean no time zone worries for support right around the clock
  • Software that works for you, designed with each client in mind
  • Get quick feedback from professional evaluators; we’re known for a speedy turnaround

Honolulu Delivers on Dreams

honolulu-HaFor many, Honolulu and Hawaii represent the trip of a lifetime, perhaps even built around milestone celebrations such as a destination wedding, a romantic honeymoon, a hard-earned incentive reward trip, a special anniversary, a dream cruise, a holiday saved up for a lifetime. Honolulu and Hawaiian tourism industry leaders and destination professionals understand very well the expectations pinned on them by eight million visitors per year.

When those visitors step off the gangway of that jet or cruise ship into the Hawaiian warmth and sunshine, that Aloha moment has arrived. It’s everyone’s job to keep that welcome glow fresh throughout an extended stay. Due to the distances involved, we all realize that visitors to Hawaii have a longer stay and therefore a higher spend than average.

Surely we’ve all seen photographs and videos of the traditional lei greeting — and it’s actually the perfect beginning. As guests disembark after a long journey from mainland US, or from Asia, Europe, or beyond, the responsibility to meet, greet, serve and perform is one that is taken very seriously indeed by local operators on the ground. For tourism in the islands is worth nearly $15 billion dollars per year and is the major employer, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Your guests may have visions of hula dancing girls in grass skirts, pigs roasting on the spit over an open air fire pit, little pink paper umbrellas speared through a pineapple cube balanced on the sugary rim of a blue libation. Some are intent on paying their respects at World War II memorials. Or, they may have sophisticated plans for national parks, outdoor activities and extreme adventure sports. Most are likely to have made choices somewhere in-between. But whatever their island dreams may be, while you’re busy delivering on them, we’re here to help make it all perfect.

In Honolulu, expert mystery shoppers and evaluators are referred by Coyle Hospitality on behalf of restaurants, hotels and cruise lines, providing that all important feedback on the guest experience. Our clients include Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, Starwood Hotels, and other top drawer brands. We know that Honolulu hotels and Hawaiian resorts are among the most hospitable in the world.

Most overseas visitors will begin and end their visits right in Honolulu. Since research shows the the most significant moments of engagement are the very first and the last, Oahu’s part in the big picture of Hawaii tourism success is a pivotal one. Of course, the pineapple is the universal symbol of hospitality, one which suits Honolulu to a T, from the historic Halekulani and Pink Palace to the Marriott Ihilani Resort on Oahu’s leeward coast.


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