Briar B.

Vancouver Evaluator – Briar B.

As a child, Briar lived in London and Ontario before moving to Vancouver to enjoy the outdoors. He has now been a North Shore resident for over 35 years. Briar attended UBC, receiving an undergraduate degree in Science and PE Education as well as a Masters of Education graduate degree. After teaching for many years, he now works as an educational consultant and author. He has incredible writing skills, pays a fine attention to detail, and is very observant. Briar enjoys seeking adventures and, thanks to his job, has the flexibility to do so. In fact, his goal is to experience a travel-related adventure at least once a month every year. His love of traveling the world speaks to his vast experience with upscale hotels and restaurants. His favorite Vancouver restaurant is Ensemble due to the precious memories he has created there–all thanks to its exemplary dishes and exceptional service.

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