New luxury hotel in Chicago has no-tipping-necessary policy; rival says it’s worth watching

This USA Today’s Hotel Check-in discusses the no-tipping policy at the Elysian Hotel in Chicago by the hotel developer, David Pisor.  Pisor discusses how the policy improves the guest experience.

Pisor mentions that by offering a no-tipping policy, he eliminates pressure and hassle for guests.  As Jessica discussed about spas in ‘Are you Comfortable?’ tipping and other unknowns can cause anxiety for guests, if they don’t know how much to tip or what the standard amount is.

Pisor described how this no-tipping policy works with the luxury guest experience at the Elysian Hotel.  He mentions that the Elysian Hotel tries to hire staff members who are not used to tips, such as previous retail employees, as “ambassadors.”  Ambassadors take on several tasks, which are historically split among several positions.  For example, they might take on all positions from curb to room, which historically involved several positions: valet staff, door staff, front desk staff, and bell staff.

Although the escorting system is not a new idea in the industry, the no-tipping policy works well with the process.  With the policy, Pisor points out that staff members will immediately help guests rather than asking guests if they need help during each stage of the process.

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