Connecting the Dots Around The Customer: It’s the CMO’s Responsibility

David Cooperstein, writing for Forbes, says marketing executives must go beyond simply overseeing marketing programs. They must “own” the customer experience. Otherwise, the end result does not reflect marketing’s voice. For many organizations, this responsibility lies on the CMO, and he or she cannot simply push ads and promotions, but must reach the customer by making sure every experience with the brand is consistent.

Marketing execs, “in segmenting the audience, building a media plan or collateral portfolio, and testing ideas and awareness,” are the ones that understand what resonates most with their customers; thusly, they’re the ones who can improve the guest experience. Marketing’s role is to create a desirable brand and then provide value for consumers, and they must be sure that operations and sales efforts are in line with the company’s message. Cooperstein writes, “The CMO is the one who must connect the dots–the touch points with the customer–to make every experience with the brand consistent and positive.” Refocus and make sure everyone at your organization is fine tuned to your brand promise.

  • Synchronize the consumer lifecycle. Each step of purchase should be consistently positive, from the time someone checks in to the time they check out. When done right, the result is customer loyalty.
  • Offer visible value to the customer.
  • Use customer insights to direct company efforts. Utilizing customer information on criticism, feedback, and purchasing trends are important to ensure your company is operating “synchronously.”

Whether your company has a CMO or not, someone surely directs marketing efforts, and that person should learn that to boost the guest experience and maintain loyal customers, that person should be involved in every channel of promoting your brand.

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