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Today’s hotels are working to reduce their carbon footprint in a number of different ways. Kimpton began by recycling trash, phones, and batteries and serving organic foods and beverages. Now, their cleaning staff uses eco-friendly products in every hotel and restaurant. Miami’s Hotel Intercontinental is completely powered by wind energy,… Read More

I was recently giving a presentation about hotel mystery shopping and quality assurance and had the opportunity to chat with David Martin, COO of Wright Investment Properties, Inc. David’s career arc is unique, and has included positions at McDonalds, Red Lion, Bayview Hotels, Kimpton, Wyndham (110 hotels) and currently Wright… Read More

We consistently see how lack of follow-up causes an incomplete service recovery, resulting in overall dissatisfaction. Surprisingly, many times employees are quick to take quick action and remedy a situation, but do not communicate that the issue has been resolved, leaving the guest unaware that their requests have been remedied.

Our friends at Biltmore cordially invite you to be a part of the Family Business Symposium Now in its fifth generation of family ownership, Biltmore enjoys an incredible legacy as an enduring, high-performance organization. Biltmore’s lessons learned could help your business, from building a succession plan to balancing the roles… Read More

Inspiration for pre-meal meetings. Great chalkboard fodder. A fantastic dash of spicy sauce for an meeting or conference call. I am talking about great customer service quotes. Sure, standalone they are flavors du jour, bromides or yet another pious shout-out from someone who shouts stuff like this out all the time.

‘Surgical procedure’ and ‘luxurious vacation’ are two concepts that don’t seem to go hand-in-hand, but since the recent rise in healthcare costs, travelers are seeking out medical vacations as a way to see new destinations while undergoing treatments or completing procedures

Hotels can do more to ensure they get direct bookings…and keep them.

Angry ChefTerminology, jargon and nicknames are the vital organs that keep groups who share unique experiences going. Listen in on conversations amongst surfers, bankers, war veterans, or kindergartners, and you will hear common language that is often bent, morphed and invented becoming expert tools central to the tribe achieving its goals.

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