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LONDON – 05:14 GMT, 18 Sept. 2014. BBC Breaking News predicts the ‘NO’ vote wins in the Scotland bid for independence from the United Kingdom.Pack away the tartan kilt, pull the trousers back on. The political union that’s lasted 307 years stands and tourism booms.

Ever since Gold Rush days, when San Francisco claims to have invented the Martini (disputed by the small city of Martinez, 35 miles to the northeast), one thing is for certain: the City by the Bay is heavily infused by a creative cocktail scene.

There is still time in 2014 to exceed customer expectations, bring more to the bottom line, and rise above the fold. Using feedback gathered from the first half of 2014, Coyle Hospitality analyzed the performance of 2,505 global restaurant visits spanning over 80 countries. The overarching theme was revenue generation,… Read More

What with working mothers, soccer practice and socializing, getting the family around the dinner table is not as frequent an occurrence as it used to be, says a 2013 Harris Interactive poll. Not just for dinner Starved for quality family time together, Americans have discovered another way to rehash the… Read More

What hotelier hasn’t heard a chilling mini-bar story from the manager on duty? Since the “profit generating solution” went global in the mid-70s, hotel rooms ranging from penthouse to family-friendly have been designed around these precious cubic inches of icy must-haves. Four decades on, sea changes in expense account privileges… Read More

Snagging a hard to get — actually, make that nearly impossible to get — reservation at a high-flying restaurant such as State Bird Provisions in San Francisco is an evolving process, currently taking new digital twists and turns. Crowned by James Beard Awards and Bon Appétit as “Best New Restaurant… Read More

How quickly can you name the host for the last World Cup four years ago? Eight years ago? Was any non-soccer media coverage stimulating enough for you to book a vacation there? Speaking of sports, we’ve seen the recent headlines: Krakow withdraws its bid for 2022 Winter Olympics, New York… Read More

If you’re wondering whether quinoa and kale have run their course, if you’re curious as to what superfood will replace acai berries which overtook blueberries, you could do no better than to turn to The National Restaurant Association for the answer. Why’s that? Because their recent survey on “What’s Hot… Read More

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